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Gas phase adsorption series
Liquid phase adsorption series
Carrier series
Gao Liurong series
Lives at home with the series
Regeneration processing servic
NSG series husk class pellet
PCG series refinery coke natur
BG series bamboo nature pellet
The WP series lignin is powder

  Nanjing Zhengsen Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd is a research and production of integrated marketing for high-tech enterprises establishment by jinling branches of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation and Nanjing gaochun Lubricants factories,the import-export rights.The Chinese Association of activated carbon unit, Nanjing Forestry University Teaching Practice Base. Known as the "Jiangnan holy sites, land," is the "national ecological demonstration zones" Nanjing Gaochun, encircling hills, wonderful fresh air, a beautiful environment beautiful, high-Pong Reliance highway, from at Nanjing Lukou International Airport only 50 km.
  The company's technology is strong, with the domestic first-class experts activated carbon, activated carbon and the drafting of national standards of several professional Dr. activated carbon, postdoctoral the users of the site to provide first-class technical and after-sales services in order to achieve the best use of functional products. To further enhance the scientific research, I Nanjing Forestry University with the establishment of cooperation Nanjing Forestry University Institute of Environmental activated carbon. , A new activated carbon technology, the research and development of new products production, the company's production of activated carbon products, quality has always been in the leading position in the world, the Company's efforts to create a world-class production of activated carbon enterprises.

Product range: NSG series of coconut
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Product range: PCGRefinery coke
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Product range: ZS-25 Room air
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Product range: BG series of granular
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Product range: WP series of powdered
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Product range: ZS-3pellet sugar 
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